“…So our defensive strategy is just to keep on keeping on. We use events, charitable contributions, and entertainment of standing committees. Not much caucus stuff here. A major improvement is we have to establish an Oklahoma Pac or give Tom Rogers a raise. So far we’ve done fine without it but it sure would help out...”

Phillip Morris Tobacco Company, Southwest Region State Legislative Summary, 1989

“The $50,000 paid as Nance’s retainer to be the TI lead lobbyist in 1990 is only marginally competitive in Oklahoma. Inasmuch as that state allows no corporate contributions to political campaigns, all successful Oklahoma lobbyists must invest heavily in the campaigns of desirable candidates. Ken Nance is no exception.”

The Tobacco Institute, "1990 Evaluations - 1991 Recommendations"

“Ken Nance has done an outstanding job for The Tobacco Institute. Under his leadership, pre-emption was passed in 1986 and privacy was passed in 1991. For the past seven years, under both Republican and Democratic governors, proposed tobacco-tax increases have been repeatedly defeated. Nance and the other members of the tobacco team in Oklahoma work extremely well together and appear to have a considerable amount of strength in the political process there.”

The Tobacco Institute, “1993 Evaluations – 1994 Recommendations,” Bates #TIOK0029028

“Essential to success in Oklahoma... will be a continuation of the close and cooperative efforts of all industry lobbyists, as led by Tobacco Institute legislative consultant Ken Nance.”

Tobacco Institute, State Tax Plan, September 19, 1990. Bates No.: 507592151, p.2.

“In OK, the industry lobby team is absolutely superb and seems to be able to hold leadership to coming out in the press against a cigarette tax every time the Governor brings it up, which is often. All of the lobbyists were former members and just do a great job…”

Phillip Morris Tobacco Company, Southwest Region State Legislative Summary, 1989

“Please execute PAC checks for the enclosed list of legislators and return same to me for distribution. Please complete a ‘Contributor Statement’ for each check like you did before. Thank you.”

Memo to Ed P. Beauchemin, Phillip Morris Tobacco Company, from Tom Rogers, November 20, 1995

“Enclosed is a list of Oklahoma Legislators for whom I am requesting campaign funds. Thanks for your help.”

Memo to Ed P. Beauchemin, Philip Morris Tobacco Company, from Tom Rogers, July 25, 1996

“The RJR Political Action Committee distributed a total of $6,150 to candidates for the Oklahoma Legislature in the 2000 election cycle...”

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, e-mail to Henry S. Stokes from Mandel Matheson, “RJRT PAC RECIPIENTS ELECTION RESULTS 2000 – OKLAHOMA,” November 9, 2000

CONSTITUENTS:OKLAHOMA: Again, a love fest. They are all best friends. We sponsored a legislative bar-b-que with TI, Tobacco Wholesalers and RJR earlier this year.”

Phillip Morris Tobacco Company, Southwest Region State Legislative Summary, 1989

“But above all, we intend to resist, at all costs, any attempt by anti-tobacco forces to repeal the state's preemption of local smoking regulation. I have great confidence in the industry's lobbying corps in Oklahoma.”

Tobacco Institute, Memorandum from Regional Vice-President Stan Bowman, "Oklahoma 1991 Legislative program," November 13, 1990

“There is going to be a major effort to repeal our preemption in the 1996 session and we will need Speaker Johnson’s help if we are going to be successful in stopping this. His record on our issues has been good and I would like to see you help him out if possible”

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. E-mail to Vice-President Tommy Payne. October 31, 1995. Bates No.: 513968038, p.1.

“I wanted to thank you for contributing to the congressional race of Speaker Glenn Johnson in Oklahoma. The speaker was quite helpful to us in our battle to fight the repeal of preemption in Oklahoma, a battle in which we were successful. I know Speaker Johnson appreciates it, but not nearly as much as Mandell Matheson or I do. Thanks again!”

E-mail from David Powers, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, March 14, 1996

“The members of this association have worked closely in recent weeks with our legislative consultant, Richard Huddleston, and your lobbyist in Oklahoma, Tom Rogers, to effect the demise of HB2493 and retain the pre-emption clause in the Oklahoma statutes.”

Letter to Ed Beauchemin, Phillip Morris Regional Director of Public Affairs, from Mary Thurber, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Association of Tobacco & Candy Distributors. February 28, 1996. Bates No. 2061855277, p.1.

“Historically, Oklahoma has been a fairly positive political environment for tobacco issues. The state is one of the few to hold the line on uniformity despite repeated high profile efforts for repeal.”

Philip Morris Companies Inc. Inter-Office Correspondence to Geoffrey C. Bible, July 8, 1997. Bates #2073952671

“A strong Retail Grocer’s Association and very strong Restaurant Association will make up for a weak C-Store (OK Oil Marketers) organization in addressing tobacco legislation. The tobacco industry lobbyists continue to enjoy ‘Dream Team’ status.”

Phillip Morris Tobacco Company, “Oklahoma State Plan – 1999 ” Bates #2074874355